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Sizing Guide: Clothing

Dog and Cat Clothing

Since we carry various designers of pet clothing, it is important that you measure your dog to ensure the best match to a size. A size Small from one designer could have very different measurement requirements than a size Small from another designer. Figuring out the best size for your pet is easy if you follow the following guidelines.

1) Your pet should be standing straight & square, not sitting or lying down.
2) Refer to the diagram below for measuring your pet's length (A), neck (B), and chest/girth (C).

Note: Please check the item page for a specific sizing chart pertaining to that item. The following chart should serve as a general guideline.


If you have any trouble measuring your dog, or are worried that you might not get the right size, just send us an email to Beowoof@Beowoof.com describing the measurements you were able to get, and we'll help figure out the best size for your pet.

Sizing-up Collars

Choosing just the right collar for your dog can be a fun experience. To get the best fit, the weight and width of your dog's collar should be proportional to his size. For length, measure your dog's neck a few inches down from his head.

Please Note:  For a comfortable collar fit, add 1 more inch for small dogs, 2 extra inches for medium to large dogs.


Measure the dog's paw from back to front, while the dog is standing so that she or he has their weight on the paw. If you are unsure of the size, always go for the larger size.