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It's a Tea Potty! Cat Litter

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Product Description

It’s a Tea Potty! is Weruva’s Hinoki Wood (in the cypress family) and Green-Tea based kitty litter with a natural, green-tea aroma.  It is a clumpable, clay-and-grain-free, super low-dust litter that is responsibly-sourced and sustainable.

Why Hinoki Wood and Green Tea?

Bacteria are often the culprit when it comes to litter box odors. Hinoki Wood and Green Tea team up to surpress bacteria and odor naturally.

Hinoki Wood, or Japanese Cypress, has long been a prized wood in Japan for the construction of temples, shrines and even hot tubs due its resistance to humidity. By curbing humidity, Hinoki naturally suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria which in turn helps control odor.

Green Tea contains catechins, compounds with antioxidant properties. The catechins naturally help suppress the growth of bacteria and odor.

Is Hinoki Wood a Sustainable Resource?

We love mother earth just as we love our pets, so sustainability and stewardship of our resources are paramount. To ensure the responsible use of Hinoki, the wood Weruva uses is a salvaged by-product of other industries.

How long will a bag last?

The 6.7 lb bag:

The 11.7 lb bag:

 Our Cat Litter Goes a Looong Way!

Learning To Use The Litter Box:  As early as 4 weeks, most kittens feel the urge to dig in material, and will instinctively choose that as the place for elimination. Kittens learn from watching their mother use the litter box so you don't have to train your kitten.  Just, place the litter box in a quiet, confined area and make sure your kitten can easily climb in and out of it at will. You may want to confine your kitten in just one room until you are sure she knows where the litter box is and that she uses it.

Transitioning your cat is easy:  While some cats can switch from one litter type to another easily, your cat may require a transition. When possible, plan surgeries in advance so your cat can adjust to any new litter beforehand.

First Time:  Some cats may adjust to Hinoki & Green Tea litter without issue, and some cats may need some time.  If you believe that your cat may need some time, sprinkle a little in a thin layer atop your current litter or replace as much as a third of your current litter.  Once your cat begins to use the litter, you can gradually increase the amount of this new litter.  And when you feel that the time is right, empty the litter box completely and refill will Weruva Litter only.

Regular Use:  Start with 2-4 inches of litter in the box.  We recommend filling on the higher side for multi-cat households.  Scoop at least once a day, and the more cats using the box, the more frequent we recommend scooping.  After removing waste, refill the litter box as necessary to maintain the 2-4 inch level.  Maintaining levels helps with both clumping and scooping.

Available Sizes: 6.7 lb. & 11.7 lb. bags


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6.7 lbs, 11.7 lbs

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