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BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer!

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(P.S. Scroll down for our roll call of Fabulous Customers!)

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019--our girl Lola's 16th birthday: We are heartbroken to announce that Lola crossed the rainbow bridge late last night. Lola was the inspiration for our store Beowoof 16 years ago--she was our perfect puppy, and she will live in our hearts forever.

Lola Elena Maria Luisa de la Finca Vigía-- quite the big name for the tiny girl that we picked up at the airport in Baltimore on St. Patrick's Day in 2003. Lola was my gift to Karl for his birthday.  I wanted Karl's year to be filled with love and with joy; and, Lola was the perfect answer. There was snow on the ground that eventful day. When we three exited the car, we put our beautiful little two-pound puppy down on the sidewalk to pee. She looked up at us with her big brown eyes and proceeded to step up and out of the snow and onto Karl's shoe; thus, setting the tone for the next 16 years. She was smart, she was sweet, she was sassy, she was so very beautiful, she was perfection.

We were admitted puppy-novices. Lola ruled the roost--we were putty in her paws. She played fetch with Karl and his co-workers at M.A.C. in Soho, she hung out at Chumley's Speakeasy in the West Village, she brought a squad car to a screeching halt one evening in the Village as she, clad in a teeny tiny periwinkle angora sweater, gathered herself to (perfectly) jump off of the curb, clearing a small puddle, and onto the crosswalk. (The female officer riding shotgun had "never seen anything cuter in her life.")   It was only a matter of two months before she became the inspiration for our pet supply store, Beowoof. (After all, how could we leave her home alone while we went off to work?)

Ah, Beowoof! Lola was the original ambassador for the store, the quintessential model for apparel & harnesses, and a natural at bed demonstration! (No, really. Lola could be sleeping happily in her bed at the store; and, if a customer was contemplating one of the store's beds, we would toss it on the floor. Lola would instantly uncurl, stretch, walk over to the new bed, step up into it, and proceed to curl up, bury her nose in the folds of the "new" bed, and sigh contentedly.) It became clear that the only thing missing from Beowoof was a companion for our girl...and, so, we brought

Zoe home! Lola embodied big sisterhood. She and Zoe were virtually inseparable--they would run as one to greet us. Sweet, sweet Zoe crossed the rainbow bridge on the 13th of August last year. Our current heartbreak is leavened by the thought of Lola and Zoe dancing their "overjoyed-to-see-you" dance together again. And we will count the hours until we can scoop our girls up into our arms somewhere over that bridge someday. We love you Lola. We love you Zoe.

BEOWOOF--In Memory Of Our Girl--Zoe

3 June 2003 - 13 August 2018

Ah, Beowoof! (The store that began with the advent of a puppy named Lola.) It seemed quite clear that Lola needed company--and, a customer from out-of-town, a customer that we never saw again, saw Lola, loved her like everyone loved Lola, and mentioned a Havanese breeder in Illinois that she knew.... And from that conversation-in-passing came Zoe--the absolute definition of spunk--head held high, always a bounce in her step. You were unfazed by the largest dog, you stood your ground in any situation--although you DID cut a wide swath around garbage cans out on the sidewalk on Bloomfield during our walk to the store every day.

You and Lola were our ambassadors of Beowoof. You had many, many fans--and, not a few boyfriends--perhaps the most notable of which was Dreyfus, your German shepherd-mix paramour, who came in to the store every day to serenade his two girls. It was something to see. And, while Lola happily demonstrated every bed for our customers, you patiently modeled every harness, every sweater, every costume--that was our Rocket Girl in her silver ensemble with her Acme rocket pack on Halloween. There were Easter bunny photo sessions, Halloween photo sessions, and photo sessions with Santa. There were photos of Zoe-in-a-Beowoof toy bucket, there was Zoe running in from the store's backyard with a face trailing sticks and leaves....

And, then there was Zoe when she got a little tired, and she would back up to me at the desk, in position to be scooped up and deposited into a drawstring bed on my lap to take a nap. Now it's time for a rest, little girl--and, then up again for some treats in that perfect place over the Rainbow Bridge! We will never stop loving and missing you--our hearts are broken, but we are smiling through our tears when we think of you running to greet us.

Love you more than life itself, baby girl!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Mentor--9 January 2018--Lola!

Happy 15th Birthday Lola!

This beautiful girl was the inspiration for our store 15 years ago!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--Exploring Santa's Face--December 2017!

Luna & Santa!

Simba & Santa!

Birdy & Santa!

Myles & Santa!

Bella & Santa!

Tito & Santa!

Nico & Santa!

Yuki & Santa!

...and...Alaska & Santa!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--November 2017--Izzy!

Hi!  I'm Izzy the Mastiff puppy!

Ya' know, I AM a bit hungry....

Hmmm. This really hits the spot. Thanks!

Wait, let me get a little better footing....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--October 2017--Pups in Hats!!

Devilishly-handsome Wiggins the Aviator!

Shy little mouse Tico!

Guenter the Viking!

A little chick named Zoe!

One very tiny Viking!

& Charlie the (bigger) Mouse!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--October 2017--Turtle!

Dapper Turtle, making a fall fashion statement...(replete with bowtie)...at Beowoof!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--"Indian Summer" 2017!

Shopper Frankie is in a chatty mood!

Sweet Stella on her Beowoof visit!

Louie, Lou-ie....

Little17-week-old Harper!

Shopping CAN be exhausting for an 8-week-old puppy, right Bruno?!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2017--Satya!

Our beautiful customer Satya is helping pick out dog toys for her four-legged cousin Leo--who lives in Mumbai, India!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--August 2017

Our "Dog Days" of Summer!

Lovely little shopper Violet!

Riley's got a fashionable new ride!

Riley, meet Karl--Karl, Riley!

Our happiest customer ever, Miss Coco!

Sweet little Oly--in arms!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--July 2017--Abby!

Beautiful Abby is our July Poster Pup!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--June 2017--Birdie!

Baby Birdie's first Beowoof shopping trip!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--May 2017--Ashford!

Adorable new customer Ashford in the arms of that Beowoof Guy!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--April 2017--Khaleesi!

Beautiful Khaleesi is the perfect poster-pup--always fashionable during those April showers!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--March 2017--Chief!


...feeling a bit peckish...shopping will do that to you.


What do you know?  Just what I had in mind!


Pardon me while I partake....


Now, THIS hits the spot!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--February 2017--Greta!


...hmm, I'm in the market for a spiffy new collar....


Oh!  That's lovely!!


Yes, I'll take that one...the one near my left front paw.


Yep, lookin' good.  Feelin' good.

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2017--Norton!

Our 13-week-old customer Norton is getting the hang of shopping...at Beowoof!

...well, there's really a lot of important stuff here....

Wait!  I see that I missed everything up there!!  Hmm, I'll have to make a list....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--December 2016--Ace!

Adorable Ace's photo shoot with Santa at Beowoof--it's a process....

...an adjustment here....

...an adjustment there....

...and, Ace, you & Santa are perfection!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--November 2016

Taylor & her puppy Skye!

Beautiful Taylor has her arms fulls of her wonderful puppy Skye!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--October 2016--

A loving tribute to EARS!!  (...just because.)








BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2016--Kameer!

...just busy being an absolutely adorable 8-week-old puppy....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employees--Summer 2016!

Always the epitome of fashion...our salespup Luna!


& aspirational Delivery Pup Teddy!


& last, but certainly not least, our finance wizard Zoe & our marketing maven Lola!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--'Tis Madras Season 2016!






BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured--June 2016--?????!

UPDATE:  It's Theodore!!

This little one is waiting for a name...hmmm, Sterling, or possibly Carter, is a new foster!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--May 2016--Kimi!

...oh oh, might be naptime for a small shopper....

....but wait, there are definitely things over there that I need....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--April 2016--Retta!

...I don't know, am I TOO adorably white & fluffy??

No, you're right, one can never be TOO fluffy!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--March 2016--Zoe!

It's our customer Zoe's 1st birthday!  Yay!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--February 2016--Vern!

Dapper Vern has an expectant look...treats are in his future!?!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2016--Stella!

This is sweet little Stella on her first Beowoof shopping spree!

So this is shopping?

I'm wondering if a treat is available for small shoppers?

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2016--Winston!

Our 1st featured customer of 2016--10-week-old Winston!

in adorable profile:

yep, still Winston!:

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--or, perhaps, Reindeer & Elves?!


Elf Pepe!


Elf Stella!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--'Tis Chapeaux Season 2015!



Little Parker!

Bigger Parker!

& Thor!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--November 2015--Winston!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 9 November 2015-- Adorable customer Winston's got a brand spankin' new "Moustache" collar! 


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--Happy Halloween 2015!

Sweet little Jester Jiblet!

Very scary little monster Bruce!

Adorably scary monster Cleo!

& Little pumpkin Winston!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2015--Blue!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 12 September 2015-- 4-month-old newly-adopted adorable customer Blue enjoying his first shopping trip to our little corner of Hoboken.

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--23 August 2015--Murphy!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 23 August 2015-- 13-week-old customer Murphy finds time for a wee nap during his shopping experience....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 July 2015--Bailey!

Sweet Bailey is discussing the events of the day with Karl at Beowoof.... 

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 June 2015--Otto!

Little Otto likes tussling with Karl at Beowoof.... (Karl didn't need that ear anyway.)


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 May 2015--Brooklyn!

Brooklyn's not a bit camera shy!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 May 2015--Walter!

It's a great big world for little Walter to explore....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--18 April 2015--Bode!

Handsome Bode's all set for Spring....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 April 2015--Hugo!

It's Hugo-Bunny!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 March 2015--Parker!

Sweet little Parker...look at those freckles!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--1 February 2015--????!

Our brand spanking new little 10-week-old bravely-exploring customer doesn't have a name yet....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--3 January 2015--Dexter!

Sleepy 8-week-old Dexter...never too early for hat shopping!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--14 December 2014--Lexie!

Our 10-week-old customer Lexie...contemplating....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--2 December 2014--Harvie!

It's a very stylish Harvie...at Beowoof!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 November 2014--Vixen!

Our customer Vixen is fabulous...and toasty warm...in her new red hat!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 October 2014--Charlotte!

Our beautiful and "bewitching" customer Charlotte...all set for the holiday!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 October 2014--Trooper!

Li'l pumpkin, aka Trooper...the name says it all....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--4 October 2014--Watson!

Beautiful little 8-week-old customer Watson!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 September 2014--Marty!

12-week-old Marty has a new forever home!  Yay!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--20 July 2014--Wolfgang!

12-week-old Wolfgang is taking a little break....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--3 July 2014--Finn!

Our adorable little customer Finn!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Cutie Pie--3 June 2014--Zoe!

Happy 11th Birthday Zoe <3  This is our sweet sweet girl!  (& Lola, of course!)

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--16 May 2014--Lebow!

Our handsome customer Lebow is doing a little shopping....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 April 2014--Honey!

It's newly-adopted 8-week-old Honey!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employee--April 2014--Yoohoo!

Happy 4th Birthday to our Fabulous Employee Yoohoo!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--5 April 2014--Tux!

Our new customer--sweet baby Tux!

Meanwhile, our friends from the Aussie tour group have discovered Beowoof!

...and in we go...need some souvenirs for the folks back home....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 March 2014--Tugboat!

Our smiling customer Tugboat!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--4 March 2014--Coco!

Coco, a wonderful customer of long-standing, is clearly our happiest as well!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--21 February 2014--Willow!

Willow is exploring her new ride!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Valentine--14 February 2014!

Zoe is our little BEOWOOF Valentine!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--8 Feb. 2014--Sir Winston!

Sir Winston is patiently waiting for his Valentine! 

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 January 2014--Logan!

Dapper Logan is just relaxing in front of the fireplace at Beowoof!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 January 2014--Charlotte!

Adorable Charlotte is pretty in pink and all set for a blustery January!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Mentor--9 January 2014--Lola!

Happy 11th Birthday Lola!  

This beautiful girl was the inspiration for our store 11 years ago!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employee--24 December 2013--Yoohoo!

Christmas Eve at Beowoof--Employee Yoohoo and that guy who is always at the store!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--20 December 2013--Rosie!

Beautiful Rosie making her Beowoof Reindeer debut!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--14 December 2013--Carl!

Our very handsome customer Carl holding "still" for his knitwear close-up!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--6 December 2013--Teddy!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--1 December 2013--Ophie!

Smiling Ophie in her Velvet Holiday finery!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--November 2013--Rosie!

Rosie making her birthday purchases....!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--17 November 2013--Frank!

Nattily-attired 8-month-old Frank!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--30 October 2013--Rita!

Rita is the poster girl for Beowoof's 10th Anniversary.

This beauty was one of the kittens adopted from our original Adoption Event in 2003!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--October 2013--Elliot!

We miss chatting with our friend Elliot...very, very much.



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--11 October 2013--Panda!

Panda, of course.


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 October 2013--Bear!

Chief Bear--at your service!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--2 October 2013--Larry!

Is that Superdog--or could it be a cleverly-disguised Larry at BEOWOOF?



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 September 2013--Charlie!

Charlie is as dapper as ever in his new collar!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--23 September 2013--Peanut!

Peanut heard the words "chicken jerky"....



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--17 September 2013--Mason!

Mason thinks that shopping can be exhausting....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--12 September 2013--Thor!

Thor, clearly embracing the spirit of Fashion Week, strikes a pose....