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BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer!

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(P.S. Scroll down for our roll call of Fabulous Customers!)

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Mentor--9 January 2018--Lola!

Happy 15th Birthday Lola!

This beautiful girl was the inspiration for our store 15 years ago!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--Exploring Santa's Face--December 2017!

Luna & Santa!

Simba & Santa!

Birdy & Santa!

Myles & Santa!

Bella & Santa!

Tito & Santa!

Nico & Santa!

Yuki & Santa!

...and...Alaska & Santa!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--November 2017--Izzy!

Hi!  I'm Izzy the Mastiff puppy!

Ya' know, I AM a bit hungry....

Hmmm. This really hits the spot. Thanks!

Wait, let me get a little better footing....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--October 2017--Pups in Hats!!

Devilishly-handsome Wiggins the Aviator!

Shy little mouse Tico!

Guenter the Viking!

A little chick named Zoe!

One very tiny Viking!

& Charlie the (bigger) Mouse!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--October 2017--Turtle!

Dapper Turtle, making a fall fashion statement...(replete with bowtie)...at Beowoof!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--"Indian Summer" 2017!

Shopper Frankie is in a chatty mood!

Sweet Stella on her Beowoof visit!

Louie, Lou-ie....

Little17-week-old Harper!

Shopping CAN be exhausting for an 8-week-old puppy, right Bruno?!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2017--Satya!

Our beautiful customer Satya is helping pick out dog toys for her four-legged cousin Leo--who lives in Mumbai, India!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--August 2017

Our "Dog Days" of Summer!

Lovely little shopper Violet!

Riley's got a fashionable new ride!

Riley, meet Karl--Karl, Riley!

Our happiest customer ever, Miss Coco!

Sweet little Oly--in arms!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--July 2017--Abby!

Beautiful Abby is our July Poster Pup!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--June 2017--Birdie!

Baby Birdie's first Beowoof shopping trip!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--May 2017--Ashford!

Adorable new customer Ashford in the arms of that Beowoof Guy!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--April 2017--Khaleesi!

Beautiful Khaleesi is the perfect poster-pup--always fashionable during those April showers!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--March 2017--Chief!


...feeling a bit peckish...shopping will do that to you.


What do you know?  Just what I had in mind!


Pardon me while I partake....


Now, THIS hits the spot!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--February 2017--Greta!


...hmm, I'm in the market for a spiffy new collar....


Oh!  That's lovely!!


Yes, I'll take that one...the one near my left front paw.


Yep, lookin' good.  Feelin' good.

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2017--Norton!

Our 13-week-old customer Norton is getting the hang of shopping...at Beowoof!

...well, there's really a lot of important stuff here....

Wait!  I see that I missed everything up there!!  Hmm, I'll have to make a list....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--December 2016--Ace!

Adorable Ace's photo shoot with Santa at Beowoof--it's a process....

...an adjustment here....

...an adjustment there....

...and, Ace, you & Santa are perfection!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--November 2016

Taylor & her puppy Skye!

Beautiful Taylor has her arms fulls of her wonderful puppy Skye!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--October 2016--

A loving tribute to EARS!!  (...just because.)








BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2016--Kameer!

...just busy being an absolutely adorable 8-week-old puppy....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employees--Summer 2016!

Always the epitome of fashion...our salespup Luna!


& aspirational Delivery Pup Teddy!


& last, but certainly not least, our finance wizard Zoe & our marketing maven Lola!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--'Tis Madras Season 2016!






BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured--June 2016--?????!

UPDATE:  It's Theodore!!

This little one is waiting for a name...hmmm, Sterling, or possibly Carter, is a new foster!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--May 2016--Kimi!

...oh oh, might be naptime for a small shopper....

....but wait, there are definitely things over there that I need....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--April 2016--Retta!

...I don't know, am I TOO adorably white & fluffy??

No, you're right, one can never be TOO fluffy!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--March 2016--Zoe!

It's our customer Zoe's 1st birthday!  Yay!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--February 2016--Vern!

Dapper Vern has an expectant look...treats are in his future!?!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2016--Stella!

This is sweet little Stella on her first Beowoof shopping spree!

So this is shopping?

I'm wondering if a treat is available for small shoppers?

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--January 2016--Winston!

Our 1st featured customer of 2016--10-week-old Winston!

in adorable profile:

yep, still Winston!:

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--or, perhaps, Reindeer & Elves?!


Elf Pepe!


Elf Stella!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--'Tis Chapeaux Season 2015!



Little Parker!

Bigger Parker!

& Thor!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--November 2015--Winston!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 9 November 2015-- Adorable customer Winston's got a brand spankin' new "Moustache" collar! 


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customers--Happy Halloween 2015!

Sweet little Jester Jiblet!

Very scary little monster Bruce!

Adorably scary monster Cleo!

& Little pumpkin Winston!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--September 2015--Blue!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 12 September 2015-- 4-month-old newly-adopted adorable customer Blue enjoying his first shopping trip to our little corner of Hoboken.

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--23 August 2015--Murphy!

Dateline: BEOWOOF 23 August 2015-- 13-week-old customer Murphy finds time for a wee nap during his shopping experience....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 July 2015--Bailey!

Sweet Bailey is discussing the events of the day with Karl at Beowoof.... 

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 June 2015--Otto!

Little Otto likes tussling with Karl at Beowoof.... (Karl didn't need that ear anyway.)


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 May 2015--Brooklyn!

Brooklyn's not a bit camera shy!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 May 2015--Walter!

It's a great big world for little Walter to explore....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--18 April 2015--Bode!

Handsome Bode's all set for Spring....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 April 2015--Hugo!

It's Hugo-Bunny!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 March 2015--Parker!

Sweet little Parker...look at those freckles!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--1 February 2015--????!

Our brand spanking new little 10-week-old bravely-exploring customer doesn't have a name yet....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--3 January 2015--Dexter!

Sleepy 8-week-old Dexter...never too early for hat shopping!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--14 December 2014--Lexie!

Our 10-week-old customer Lexie...contemplating....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--2 December 2014--Harvie!

It's a very stylish Harvie...at Beowoof!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 November 2014--Vixen!

Our customer Vixen is fabulous...and toasty warm...in her new red hat!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 October 2014--Charlotte!

Our beautiful and "bewitching" customer Charlotte...all set for the holiday!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 October 2014--Trooper!

Li'l pumpkin, aka Trooper...the name says it all....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--4 October 2014--Watson!

Beautiful little 8-week-old customer Watson!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 September 2014--Marty!

12-week-old Marty has a new forever home!  Yay!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--20 July 2014--Wolfgang!

12-week-old Wolfgang is taking a little break....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--3 July 2014--Finn!

Our adorable little customer Finn!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Cutie Pie--3 June 2014--Zoe!

Happy 11th Birthday Zoe <3  This is our sweet sweet girl!  (& Lola, of course!)

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--16 May 2014--Lebow!

Our handsome customer Lebow is doing a little shopping....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 April 2014--Honey!

It's newly-adopted 8-week-old Honey!!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employee--April 2014--Yoohoo!

Happy 4th Birthday to our Fabulous Employee Yoohoo!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--5 April 2014--Tux!

Our new customer--sweet baby Tux!

Meanwhile, our friends from the Aussie tour group have discovered Beowoof!

...and in we go...need some souvenirs for the folks back home....

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--15 March 2014--Tugboat!

Our smiling customer Tugboat!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--4 March 2014--Coco!

Coco, a wonderful customer of long-standing, is clearly our happiest as well!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--21 February 2014--Willow!

Willow is exploring her new ride!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Valentine--14 February 2014!

Zoe is our little BEOWOOF Valentine!

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--8 Feb. 2014--Sir Winston!

Sir Winston is patiently waiting for his Valentine! 

BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--31 January 2014--Logan!

Dapper Logan is just relaxing in front of the fireplace at Beowoof!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--19 January 2014--Charlotte!

Adorable Charlotte is pretty in pink and all set for a blustery January!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Mentor--9 January 2014--Lola!

Happy 11th Birthday Lola!  

This beautiful girl was the inspiration for our store 11 years ago!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Employee--24 December 2013--Yoohoo!

Christmas Eve at Beowoof--Employee Yoohoo and that guy who is always at the store!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--20 December 2013--Rosie!

Beautiful Rosie making her Beowoof Reindeer debut!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--14 December 2013--Carl!

Our very handsome customer Carl holding "still" for his knitwear close-up!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--6 December 2013--Teddy!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--1 December 2013--Ophie!

Smiling Ophie in her Velvet Holiday finery!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--November 2013--Rosie!

Rosie making her birthday purchases....!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--17 November 2013--Frank!

Nattily-attired 8-month-old Frank!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--30 October 2013--Rita!

Rita is the poster girl for Beowoof's 10th Anniversary.

This beauty was one of the kittens adopted from our original Adoption Event in 2003!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--October 2013--Elliot!

We miss chatting with our friend Elliot...very, very much.



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--11 October 2013--Panda!

Panda, of course.


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--7 October 2013--Bear!

Chief Bear--at your service!


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--2 October 2013--Larry!

Is that Superdog--or could it be a cleverly-disguised Larry at BEOWOOF?



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--28 September 2013--Charlie!

Charlie is as dapper as ever in his new collar!



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--23 September 2013--Peanut!

Peanut heard the words "chicken jerky"....



BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--17 September 2013--Mason!

Mason thinks that shopping can be exhausting....


BEOWOOF Fabulous Featured Customer--12 September 2013--Thor!

Thor, clearly embracing the spirit of Fashion Week, strikes a pose....